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Mango Sticky Rice   6.95

Pumpkin Custard   5.95

Creme Caramel   6.95

Fried Banana   5.25

Fried Banana with Ice Cream   7.95

Fried Ice Cream (green tea, vanilla)   6.95

Ice Cream (green tea, vanilla)   5.95

Coconut Dessert   5.95

Crystal Roti (roti with condensed milk and sugar)   4.50

Mango Delight (ice cream, coconut sticky rice and mango)   8.95



Thai Iced Tea/Thai Iced Coffee   3.50

Lychee Thai Tea/ Lychee Lemonade   3.50

Lemonade/ Lemonade Thai Tea   3.50

Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte   3.75

Juice (lychee, mango)   3.50

Coconut Juice  (organic) 4.25

ShSoda (coke, diet coke, spite, ginger ale)    2.25

Spring Water   2.00

Sparkling Water   3.25




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